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Stop Motion Cinematographer

Cinematography and stop motion animation have been connected since the earliest days of film. From Méliès’ stop-trick cinematography, to the breathtaking visions of today’s cinematic feature films, camera techniques and lighting have been combining to create new worlds and to bring life to inanimate objects. A beautiful filmic medium that gives a look that is both handmade and yet fantastical, stop motion can tell stories in a way that is unique and timeless.

This website explores the cinematography that lies at the heart of these perfectly imperfect worlds. It will look at the history of stop motion, the techniques and artistry that go into creating it, and the stories of the people that give it life.

Latest Articles

Spotlight: Linda Hamblyn

Linda Hamblyn is a motion control operator with over two decades of experience within stop motion cinematography. She has worked on some of the biggest features in stop motion through her long term collaboration with Aardman Animation.

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Frame by Frame: An Old School Steadicam Shot

In one shot Chuck Steel is running along a hospital corridor. As he runs he turns corners, travels through a doorway, jumps over obstacles and punches random background characters as he goes.  The camera keeps just ahead of him. A move of this type would usually require an elaborate motion control rig.

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Spotlight: Dave Alex Riddett BSC

Dave Alex Riddett BSC is a cinematographer, and pioneer, in the world of stop motion animation who has been creating beautiful cinematic images since the earliest days of Aardman.

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Spotlight: Laura Howie

Director of Photography / Lighting Camera Laura Howie is a Director of Photography and Lighting Camerawoman with over a decade of experience as a professional…

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Latest News

Breaking the Mould

Dave Alex Riddett BSC and Tristan Oliver BSC speak to British Cinematographer Magazine about their memories of working on the classic stop motion film ‘The Wrong Trousers’. Take a sneak…

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Ruling the Roost

Charles Copping talks to British Cinematographer Magazine about the cinematography of “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget”. Issue 121 is out now.

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