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Stop Motion Cinematographer

Cinematography and stop-motion animation have been connected since the earliest days of film. From  Melie’s stop trick cinematography, to the fantastical worlds of today’s cinematic features films,  camera techniques and lighting have been combining to create new worlds and bring life to inanimate objects. A beautiful filmic medium that gives a look that is both handmade and yet fantastical, stop motion can tell stories in a way that is unique and timeless.


This website explores the cinematography that lies at the heart of these perfectly imperfect worlds. It will look at the history of stop motion, the techniques and artistry that go into creating it, and the stories of the people that give it life.

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Laura Howie

Director of Photography / Lighting Camera Laura Howie is a Director of Photography and Lighting Camerawoman with over a decade of experience as a professional cinematographer and almost 2 decades…

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Latest News

Pinocchio – Behind the Animation

Pinocchio directors Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson break down the film’s stunning stop-motion animated scenes and explain how they were able to achieve their creative vision , with exclusive…

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