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Through interviews with those who work at the heart of the industry, to articles on the theory and the science behind vision and light, stop motion cinematographer hopes to share some of the magic that goes into every stop motion project. 

A GIF image showing the difference that lens choice can make to both the puppet and the background.

The articles in this section take a detailed look at the wide range of projects created using the medium of stop motion and the work that goes into them. They look at the bigger picture; the feature films that are seen across the world, the short films that inspire us all, the promos and commercials that tell their own unique story, the history that made the industry what it is, and the art and creativity that can be seen in so many stop motion projects.

interviews and conversations with the people who work behind the lens to bring light and motion to the world of stop motion.

The secrets behind the camera. The tricks and techniques that have been making audiences believe in magic for more than a century and the new technology that is being embraced by the industry to keep the magic going.

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With stop motion animation the beauty is in the detail. The articles in this section take defining moments, single shots, unique inspirations or specific techniques, and take a close-up look at the detail that goes into creating such magical cinematography.

Frame by Frame: An Old School Steadicam Shot

In one shot Chuck Steel is running along a hospital corridor. As he runs he turns corners, travels through a doorway, jumps over obstacles and punches random background characters as he goes.  The camera keeps just ahead of him. A move of this type would usually require an elaborate motion control rig.

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The latest news on stop motion cinematographer and cinematography for stop motion. Newly posted articles, exciting stories, new links to interviews, and behind the scenes information.

Ruling the Roost

Charles Copping talks to British Cinematographer Magazine about the cinematography of “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget”. Issue 121 is out now.

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